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Sirius Black high-fiving Lily Evans every time she raises her hand in class.

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“This is a girl who walks in the door and she’s ready. She’s a natural. She knows what she’s doing. We haven’t even begun to tap into what’s in there. I don’t know that we ever will on this show. It might be a movie in 10 years from now that taps her true ability,” Kevin Williamson,about Nina Dobrev acting skills.

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tumblr has defiled my sense of humor and now I’m on this new tier of humor that no one in real life understands

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"Maybe if you went to sleep earlier you wouldn’t be so-"


Reblog if you daydream a lot. 


This includes letting your ideas, stories and head-canons marinate in your head on a daily basis to the point of not writing any of it down because you’re either afraid of how it will turn out or too fucking lazy to write that shit down.